St. Mary's

School Policies & Documentation

Policies that apply to all the schools in the Trust can be found at the link below

TitleVersionSizeDate addedDownload
16 to 19 Bursary Fund Policy2021-22385.11 KB8th Oct 2021 Download
16 to 19 Tuition Fund Statement 2021-2270.01 KB13th Jan 2022 Download
Accessibility Plan 2021 - 23182.49 KB25th Jun 2021 Download
Admission Policies 2021 (SMCA)584.81 KB23rd Sep 2020 Download
Admission Policy 2022215.93 KB2nd Nov 2021 Download
Admission Policy 2022 (Sixth Form)418.78 KB8th Oct 2021 Download
Admission Policy 2023405.90 KB8th Oct 2021 Download
Admission Policy 2023 (Sixth Form)418.94 KB8th Oct 2021 Download
Alternative Provision Policy1.0173.00 KB15th Jan 2024 Download
Anti Bullying Policy2.1803.66 KB4th Nov 2021 Download
Attendance Policy1.1718.46 KB4th Nov 2021 Download
Behaviour Policy2.4382.25 KB19th Jan 2022 Download
British and Catholic Values at St. Mary's225.28 KB18th Jul 2017 Download
COVID Catch-up Premium Report529.04 KB23rd Mar 2021 Download
Collective Acts of Worship Policy256.25 KB17th Oct 2023 Download
Complaints Policy & Procedure2.1687.15 KB28th Jun 2021 Download
Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy2.0245.80 KB29th Feb 2024 Download
Curriculum, Teaching, Assessment & Learning Policy2.3531.61 KB23rd Oct 2019 Download
Data Protection Policy1.1970.32 KB12th Jan 2024 Download
Denominational Inspection Report (Section 48)453.76 KB7th Nov 2023 Download
Disadvantaged Pupil Premium Strategy Statement212.20 KB16th Dec 2022 Download
Disadvantaged Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-2023 Year 3127.51 KB6th Dec 2023 Download
Disadvantaged Pupil Strategy 2020-21204.78 KB8th Dec 2021 Download
Disadvantaged Pupil Strategy Review 2020-21119.88 KB8th Dec 2021 Download
Educational Visits Policy4875.72 KB7th Mar 2019 Download
Equality Objectives 2020-2292.08 KB15th Nov 2021 Download
Exam Contingency Plan252.63 KB16th Mar 2023 Download
Examination Results 2018-19408.25 KB17th Dec 2020 Download
Examination Results 2019-2020528.06 KB17th Dec 2020 Download
Examination Results 2020-2021533.98 KB12th Aug 2021 Download
Examination Results 2022-2023406.15 KB21st Feb 2024 Download
Feedback Policy (Including Marking)1.6907.48 KB16th Sep 2016 Download
Health and Safety policy537.73 KB27th Jun 2023 Download
Holiday Policy - School Attendance Regulations92.79 KB13th Nov 2019 Download
Human Relationships and Sex Education Policy2.1261.89 KB6th Sep 2021 Download
Internal Appeals Procedure54.53 KB20th Mar 2023 Download
KS3 Curriculum Overview259.72 KB20th Sep 2016 Download
KS4 Year 10 Curriculum Links 2018-19119.77 KB24th Sep 2018 Download
KS4 Year 11 Curriculum Links 2018-19119.63 KB24th Sep 2018 Download
Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Plan 2019-20105.66 KB18th Nov 2019 Download
Literacy and Numeracy Catch up review 2019-20458.92 KB8th Jan 2021 Download
Literacy and numeracy Catch up 2018-19 review143.00 KB18th Nov 2019 Download
Mobile Phone Policy467.55 KB15th Jan 2024 Download
Ofsted Report427.33 KB7th Jul 2022 Download
Privacy Notice107.05 KB28th Jun 2019 Download
Privacy Notice - Pupil Information222.78 KB20th Jul 2023 Download
Privacy Notice - Workforce Information225.12 KB20th Jul 2023 Download
Provider Access Policy 2022208.78 KB17th Jan 2022 Download
Remote Education Provision317.97 KB23rd Feb 2021 Download
SEND Report 2022380.32 KB13th Dec 2022 Download
Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy603.87 KB20th Nov 2023 Download
Schools Test and Trace Privacy Notice443.76 KB21st Sep 2020 Download
Social Media Policy1130.61 KB27th Feb 2014 Download
Special Educational Needs Policy1.4211.24 KB5th May 2022 Download
Summer School 2021 Report97.42 KB19th Oct 2021 Download
Uniform and Appearance Policy439.12 KB14th Jun 2024 Download
Year 9 Guided Options Booklet 20243.75 MB22nd Apr 2024 Download