St. Mary's


Providing your child with a high-quality mobile learning device enables them to complete coursework, home learning, and revision activities both at school and at home. Numerous subjects encourage the use of virtual learning environments, such as Sparx Maths and Educake, to enhance their learning experience.

Lenovo 300e
One of our current models, a Lenovo 300E

E-Learning Scheme

Our E-Learning scheme provides students with a high-quality Chromebook, which they can use for coursework, home learning, and revision activities both at school and at home. Parents can choose to make regular contributional payments towards the device, with ownership transferring to them once payments are complete. Students eligible for Pupil Premium funding can take advantage of reduced contributions. The Chromebook comes with a protective cover, and our technicians manage the device’s security and maintenance.

To enrol in the scheme, parents and students simply need to sign the acceptable use agreement and provide the necessary bank details for the standing order mandate. Additionally, we ask that contributors sign the gift aid document, which enables us to reclaim considerable tax from the government at no extra cost to the contributor.

Some of the many benefits of a school Chromebook include:

Access to the school printers
free Google Drive storage
Access to remote learning
Get a modern up-to-date device
access files at home & School
Filtered School Internet

Bring Your Own Device

If you have your own device, you’re welcome to bring it to school and utilise it for your educational needs. To participate in our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme, simply visit the ICT technician’s office to obtain the necessary forms. Once completed, return the forms to us, and we’ll integrate your device into our system.

For seamless connection to the school network, we’ll require some details about your device, such as its MAC address. If you’re unsure where to find this information, our ICT technicians can provide assistance.

We strongly recommend using a protective case or bag for your device to prevent damage. Standard backpacks and school bags may not provide adequate protection for electronic devices, so it’s important to use a suitable case.

Ensure your device is fully charged before bringing it to school. Additionally, remember to never leave your device unattended, and if you utilise a school locker, always secure it when storing your device inside.