St. Mary's

School Bus Service

We are pleased to offer our St Mary’s pupils two dedicated bus routes, SM1 and SM2, which are operated by Archway Travel. While public bus services also operate in the local area around St Mary’s, our dedicated bus services have several advantages. Firstly, they are exclusively for our students, ensuring a safe and secure journey. Secondly, the bus stops directly at our designated bus bays, making it convenient for students to access the school. Finally, the bus routes have been designed to travel through the main areas in which our students live, minimizing the amount of time students have to spend travelling to and from school.

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It is possible to pay cash on the bus each day, but it is cheaper to buy a pass for regular travellers.

£2 Single
£3 Return
£12 Weekly pass

Service No. SM1

Morning RouteDeparture TimeAfternoon RouteDeparture Time 
Mereside – Langdale Road07:30St. Mary’s Catholic Academy 15:10
Preston New Road – McDonalds07:33No. 4 Pub – Newton Drive15:13
Cherry Tree Road – St George’s07:35Forest Gate – Junction off Poplar Ave 15:15
The Highfield Pub – Highfield Rd07:40 Hornby Road – The Wainwright Club15:17
Halfway House Pub – St. Anne’s Rd07:46 Park Road – Junction off Blenheim Ave15:20
Squires Gate – Lytham Road07:49 Whitegate Drive – The Saddle Pub 15:25
The Farmer’s Arms Pub – Lytham Road07:52 Park Road – Aldi Supermarket 15:27
Watson Road – Park07:55 Bloomfield Road 15:29
Marton Drive – Tesco Express07:58 Bloomfield Hotel – Ansdell Rd 15:30
Bloomfield Hotel – Ansdell Rd08:02 Marton Drive – Tesco Express 15:33
Bloodfield Road08:03 Watson Road – Park 15:35
Park Road – Aldi Supermarket08:05 The Farmer’s Arms Pub – Lytham Road 15:38
Whitegate Drive – The Saddle Pub08:07  Squires Gate – Lytham Road 15:40
Park Road – Junction off Blenheim Ave08:12 Halfway House Pub – St. Anne’s Rd 15:42
Hornby Road – The Wainwright Club08:15 The Highfield Pub – Highfield Rd 15:47
Forest Gate – Junction off Poplar Ave08:18 Cherry Tree Road – St George’s 15:53
No. 4 Pub – Newton Drive08:20 Preston New Road – McDonalds 15:55
St. Mary’s Catholic Academy08:25 Mereside – Langdale Road 16:00

Service No. SM2

 Morning Route Departure Time Afternoon Route Departure Time
Blackpool South Railway Station, Waterloo Road7:40St Mary’s Catholic Academy15:10
The Excelsior Public House, Lytham Road7:42Layton Cemetry15:20
Bus Depot, Rigby Road7:44Devonshire Arms Public House, Devonshire Road15:23
Princess Street Bus Stop, Central Drive7:46Kylemore Ave Bus Stop, Devonshire Road15:25
Chapel Street7:49Munster Avenue15:27
Ma Kelly’s Bus Stop, Dickson Road7:55Moor Park Swimming Pool Bus Stop, Bispham Road15:28
Kwik Fit, Dickson Road7:58Fire Station, Red Bank Road15:31
Gynn Gardens, Gynn Square8:00Warbreck Drive15:34
Warbreck Drive8:04Gynn Gardens, Gynn Square15:38
Fire Station, Red Bank Road8:07Kwik Fit, Dickson Road15:40
Moor Park Swimming Pool Bus Stop, Bispham Road8:10Ma Kelly’s Bus Stop, Dickson Road15:44
Munster Avenue8:11Chapel Street15:49
Kylemore Ave Bus Stop, Devonshire Road8:13Princess Street Bus Stop, Central Drive15:52
Devonshire Arms Public House, Devonshire Road8:15Bus Depot, Rigby Road15:54
Layton Cemetry8:20The Excelsior Public House, Lytham Road15:56
St Mary’s Catholic Academy8:25Blackpool South Railway Station, Waterloo Road16:01

Local routes operating nearby

Local routes operating nearby include the:
5, 5A, 5B, 5C, 12, 76 stopping outside or near school.
X2 and 24 stopping near the south end of St. Walburga’s Rd (nr Hospital).
6, 11, 14, 42 and 400 stopping near the north end of St. Walburga’s Rd.

Accurate as of March 2024