St. Mary's

Have you considered Gift Aid?

If you are a tax payer the Government will allow you to donate to your chosen charity up to the amount of tax you have paid.

This means if you donate £1.00 per month, the Government will repay 25p of your tax paid. Therefore your donation will be £1.25. This means you choose where some of your tax is spent, not the Government. Your child could benefit directly from your donation.

Even if you do not pay tax you may make a regular donation to us, but you are not able to register for Gift Aid. As a parent you could be helping the College develop even further, improving the provision of education for your child and others.

By registering for Gift Aid and making a monthly donation to St. Mary’s you can have a direct say on where your tax you have paid is spent. Your donation will be used for the benefit of all pupils at St. Mary’s.

Please enquire at the school for the forms required to register for Gift Aid.

You can make a difference, please register today.