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Bedrock Vocabulary

Vocabulary learning at St. Mary's

At St Mary’s Catholic Academy, we use an online vocabulary and reading curriculum called Bedrock Vocabulary. Bedrock Vocabulary is a research based curriculum that teaches students the language they need to succeed at school. The interactive lessons teach important language called tier 2 vocabulary. This type of vocabulary is academic in nature, but it doesn’t belong to a specific subject. The words ‘analyse’ or ‘evaluate’ could appear in examination questions in several different subjects – Bedrock teaches these important words.

Students will voyage across the seas with the Vikings, visit Japan to learn all about the geishas in ‘A Geisha’s Tale’, and even take a rocket ship into outer space to find out more about our solar system. By KS3 and KS4, they explore even more thought-provoking topics such as ‘Malala’, ‘The London Riots, and ‘Women Writers’.

The digital vocabulary curriculum teaches through a series of multi-modal and interactive activities. Each word is woven into original texts, ensuring students are reading regularly as well. The teaching content is highly immersive, with features such as human narration, delayed feedback and deep learning algorithms.

The rigorous assessment feeds data back to the teacher, enabling us to easily monitor progress.

What can you do to support at home?

It’s important that at least two Bedrock lessons are completed each week. The two lessons will guarantee the consistent exposure required for vocabulary learning. It will also ensure that reading is consistent too!

If you haven’t already used your parent dashboard code to create an account, please contact us and we will help you. The friendly team at Bedrock Learning can always help too. You can contact them at [email protected] or 0203 325 9345.

You can use your parent dashboard to check on progress and even see which words you can provide help with!