St. Mary's

Remote Learning - Student Protocol

If you are struggling to use Google Classroom please watch the tutorial videos on the website by clicking the link below or via the Learning menu tab.

If you have a subject specific question please ask through the classroom or email your teacher. If you require pastoral support please email your form tutor.

If you need to raise a concern please click the raise a concern link.

If you do not have access to a device or internet at home to do these lessons please ask your parents or guardians to contact your form tutor. If you are feeling ill and can’t do your work on the day then just let your teachers know.

You will be able to contact your teachers via email and via Google Classroom. Please be polite – write an email to a teacher in the same respectful way that you would speak to them in person (Sir, Miss etc.). Teachers may not respond immediately but will try to get back to you at some point during the school day. All work should still be completed to a high standard and there are a couple of guidance points below to help you achieve this:
The Hand in button on Google Classroom must always be clicked once work has been completed
In all subjects you will be expected to press the hand in button once you have completed your work – this includes subjects where work has been completed on another platform. E.g. Maths where work has been completed on Hegarty.
Evidence that work has been completed should be uploaded to your teacher
The evidence you supply will vary depending on the subject that you are doing the work on. Some subjects may ask for evidence to be sent through programs like Hegarty, Educake, Quizlet or Bedrock, alternatively they may ask you to upload a document or picture of your work to Google Classroom itself.
Complete the lesson work on the day it is set
When working from home you should stick to a routine and complete the three lessons worth of work on the day it is set. This should be, wherever possible, in the usual time that the lesson would be. Any work that is set for you will be planned to take 90 minutes – it is expected that you use as much of this time as you need to complete the work.
Respond to feedback given by the teacher
If a teacher has given you feedback on how to improve your work you should respond to that feedback. Either by correcting work, improving a section of your work, or re-submitting if required.

Live Lessons

Some of your lessons may have a live component if you are a Key Stage 4 or 5 student.

Your teacher will let you know when a lesson is going to be live.

You should check the live lesson information carefully so you access the live lesson at the correct time.

Pupils are expected to attend all live lessons. If you are unwell or a problem occurs which means you are not able to attend, you MUST let your teacher know in advance.

Some live lessons will be delivered through Google Meet and others through Google Stream.

For Google Meet lessons you should use the link displayed on your Google Classroom, as shown below.

For Google Stream lessons you will be sent an email invite, this can be synced to your calendar to give you reminders and it will be linked in your Google classroom stream. Your teacher may also link this in the associated assignment.

You MUST follow the guidance below when taking part in a live streamed lesson:

  • Choose a part of your house with a good WiFi signal that is free from distractions.
  • By logging into a live lesson you understand that the lesson will be recorded by the teacher for safeguarding purposes. Only a teacher will record the presentation.
  • You must always join a live lesson with your camera and microphone off.
  • There may be some parts in a lesson where the teacher may ask you to unmute yourself.
  • Follow any instructions from the teacher. Staff are following strict protocols from Mr Eccles so it is important you follow these instructions.
  • Whilst teachers are presenting, please use the chat facility to ask questions and seek clarification. Please only use this feature for questions. Comments will also be recorded during the lesson.
  • Please behave appropriately at all times following the usual guidelines expected of you in a school based lesson.