St. Mary's

Supplementary Information for Parents/Guardians

Please find information here regarding general day to day academy procedures regarding behaviour, absence and attendance and prohibited items. A separate uniform booklet can also be found on the link below. This information supplements that found within the student homework planners.

Outside Lesson Time

The highest standard of behaviour is expected coming to, in and going from academy.

  • For your own safety, enter and leave academy grounds by the pedestrian routes and keep to the footpath.
  • Cyclists must dismount at the pedestrian gate and walk cycles through the grounds.
  • Cycles should be roadworthy, and padlocked during the academy day.
  • At break and lunchtime you should be in the correct place for your year group.

Lesson Time

You are expected to work sensibly at all times, and allow everyone else to do the same.

  • Line up quickly and quietly when required.
  • Walk sensibly around the academy, keeping to the left. 
  • Line up quietly outside classrooms.
  • On entering class go to the seat given by the teacher.
  • Get out your books, home learning planners and equipment and stand in silence until told to sit.
  • Do not speak when the teacher is talking.
  • When the register is taken answer to your name.
  • If a question is asked, put your hand up, do not shout out.
  • Do not leave your seat without permission. 
  • Remember to complete your home learning planner.
  • At the end of the lesson, stand in silence until dismissed.
  • Leave the room clean and tidy for the next class.
  • The last class of the day should put chairs on tables.

Dinner Time

Food may only be eaten in the designated areas, and not in classrooms, corridors or outside. Instructions given by teachers, welfare assistants and prefects should be followed immediately.

  • Queue in the appropriate place for packed lunch or cooked meals.
  • Return all dishes to the correct place and leave tables tidy.
  • Put all litter in the bins provided.


You are expected to arrive punctually for the start of the academy day at 08:35.

  • If you arrive after registration time, sign the late book at the office and go directly to class.
  • Arrival after registration, for any reason, requires a note of explanation.


A very high rate of attendance is essential if you are going to be as successful as you can in academy. 

  • If you are sick let the academy know immediately by telephone and bring a note of explanation to your Form Tutor when you return.
  • Medical appointments, as far as possible, should be made out of academy hours.

Due to changes in legislation the Academy is unable to authorise any term time holidays. Headteachers’ are only permitted to authorise absence during term time in exceptional circumstances. Please note as an Academy we still strongly recommend that no term time holidays are taken by students as:

Sixth Form students who take term time holidays will put their Sixth Form place at risk. Each case will be reviewed individually and take account of the overall number of days of absence. A-level courses are very challenging and relatively short in length as students sit exams in June. Clearly students with low levels of attendance will not be able to meet the challenges of Sixth Form studies.


The academy is responsible for your safety and security.

  • If you become ill in academy, tell your teacher or find your Head of Learning House at break or lunchtime. They will then decide what needs to be done. You will not normally be allowed to leave the classroom during a lesson.
  • If medication has to be taken during the academy day it should be lodged with the office at the beginning of the academy day. The academy is not allowed to give any medication.

Leaving the Academy during Academy Hours

You are not allowed to leave the academy during academy hours without permission.

  • If you need to leave academy for an appointment bring a letter or your appointment card to show your Form Tutor and ask for a `Leaving School’ slip.
  • At the appropriate time show the slip to your subject teacher and sign out at the office.
  • If you return to academy the same day, sign back in.
  • If your appointment is early in the morning, you must bring a note for your Form Tutor the day before and obtain a pink slip.

Fire Exit Procedures

A speedy and orderly evacuation of the building is essential for the safety of all.

  • When the fire alarm sounds, strict silence must be observed.
  • Leave all your belongings in the room. 
  • Your teacher will tell you to go to a particular point for assembly, by the route stated on the room notice board.
  • If the suggested route is blocked, the nearest alternative should be used.
  • Walk out of the building quickly and sensibly.
  • When you reach the assembly point you will be arranged in form groups. You should line up in register order and await instructions.


Damages to property must be reported to a senior member of staff immediately. 

  • Where damage is non-accidental, charges will be levied.


The following are NOT allowed in academy:

  • Alcohol
  • Chewing gum
  • Any illegal substances
  • Liquid Paper
  • Smoking materials
  • Aerosol cans or pump-action hairsprays
  • Portable computer games 
  • Solvents 
  • Indelible markers 
  • Medicines (except those to be lodged with the office) 
  • Pagers 
  • Valuable articles should not be brought to academy without permission 
  • Pupils are not allowed to sell goods in Academy 
  • The Academy accepts no liability for any damage or loss to prohibited items brought to the Academy