St. Mary's

Youth Leaders Shine: Celebrating CAFOD Achievements

Our Year 12 CAFOD Young Leaders

Last Friday, a group of outstanding Year 13 students gathered at Liverpool Cathedral to mark their significant contributions to the CAFOD Young Leaders programme. Throughout Year 12, these students volunteered tirelessly with CAFOD, dedicating their time to create positive change.

They participated in three intensive training days organised by the charity, honing their leadership skills. Together, they organised two impactful campaigns and a successful fundraiser, showcasing their creativity and compassion. Their hard work and determination culminated in a day of celebration at Liverpool Cathedral.

During the event, they had the privilege of hearing from influential figures, including a Member of Parliament and two Bishops. The day included an insightful tour of the Cathedral, emphasizing the rich history that inspired these young leaders.

The highlight was the heart-warming liturgy where they received their well-deserved certificates. Their pride and accomplishment shone brightly, symbolizing a year of growth and unity.

For Year 12 students inspired by this journey, there’s an opportunity to get involved. Reach out to our dedicated Chaplains for more information. Let this celebration inspire and motivate, reminding us of the incredible impact our youth can create with determination and support.