St. Mary's

Students Biology trip to the sand dunes

Year 13 biologists learning on the sand dunes

There are 12 practicals that students are required to carry out to be awarded the practical competency component of the A level biology course. Passing this element of the course is crucial for all students but especially for those wanting to go on and study any sort of science related course at university. One of the practicals is to investigate the effect of a named environmental factor on the distribution of a given species so off to the beach we went! Last week the Year 13 biology class went to St. Annes to carry out an interrupted belt transect across the sand dunes. At 25m intervals, students worked in pairs to identify the species present and their frequency or percentage cover and measure soil pH and light intensity. The sun shining on us was a lovely (and unexpected) bonus to this fantastic learning experience. Back in the classroom this week, students will analyse and write up their findings. Keep up the hard work Year 13!