St. Mary's

Triumphs on the Field

Year 8 Girls' Football Team

A Stellar Performance by the Year 8 Girls Football Team at Aspire Tournament

Kudos to the Year 8 Girls Football Team for their exceptional display in the inter-school tournament hosted at Aspire on Tuesday night. Securing victories in four out of their six games, the team showcased their prowess on the field and concluded the event with a commendable 3rd place overall. The girls’ dedication and outstanding teamwork were truly commendable, reflecting their hard work and commitment.

A special note of appreciation goes to Niamh for her invaluable support and exceptional refereeing skills.

Triumphant Victory for the Year 9 Boys Basketball Team

In another thrilling sports event, the Year 9 Boys Basketball Team emerged victorious against Montgomery on Tuesday night, sealing a convincing win with a scoreline of 24-12. The team not only exhibited impressive gameplay but also demonstrated excellent sportsmanship throughout the match. Their stellar performance is a testament to their skill, discipline, and commitment to success.

Congratulations to both teams for their remarkable achievements, and we look forward to more triumphs on the sports field!