St. Mary's

Thrilling Football: Recent Matches Recap

Year 11 Football Squad

On Tuesday 28th November, our Year 11 boys showcased their football prowess in the second round of the Lancashire Cup. Despite a valiant effort, they encountered a tough opponent in Montgomery and faced a 3-1 defeat. However, standout performances from Ethan, Nathan, and Louis demonstrated their unwavering dedication. Louis secured a goal, marking a memorable moment for the team.

Meanwhile, our Year 7 girls stepped onto the field as a unified Year 7 team for the first time. Despite a challenging match against Hodgson, ending in a 9-4 loss, their resilience and determination shone through. A remarkable comeback from being 4-0 down to leveling the score at 4-4 highlighted their fighting spirit. While the match ended with Hodgson prevailing, our girls’ display of grit and perseverance was truly commendable.

The dedication and passion shown by both teams exemplify the spirit of sportsmanship and resilience that define our school’s ethos. Congratulations to all the players for their unwavering commitment and commendable performances on the field. We’re proud of their efforts and look forward to more thrilling games ahead.