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Is this course for me?

Are you interested in how people behave? How society is changing and why conflicts occur? Do you wonder why there are more men than women in prison? Are you concerned that the media controls what people believe and how they act? Do you want to understand why girls outperform boys at school? Topics such as the modern family, the education system, the media and crime and deviance will be studied in A-Level Sociology, whilst studying theoretical perspectives such as Feminism, Marxism and Functionalism. Sociology is a highly regarded by universities (including Oxford and Cambridge) and employers, as it helps to develop skills of critical evaluation, analysis and communication.

Areas of Study

A2 is examined by three written exams at the end of Year 13.

In the first year, you will study:

  • Education with methods in context.
  • Research methods, families and households

In the second year, you will study:

  • Education with theory and methods.
  • Families and households.
  • The Media.
  • Crime and deviance.
  • Sociological theories

Future Opportunities

Sociology links closely with AS/A Level Government & Politics, Psychology, Economics, History, Law, English and even Geography (through Globalisation and consideration of different cultures). Sociologists can expect to find employment in a wide variety of fields, including government, the media, law (including criminal justice), marketing & advertising, PR, journalism, law, the police, social work, the probation service, youth work, nursing or medicine and education. Many sociology graduates work as community relations advisers for banks, insurance companies, and even in advertising and other commercial organisations through public opinion polls, motivational research and customer/employee relations. Sociology is a relevant qualification for any career that involves working with the public.

Exam Board: AQA