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Information Technology

Is this course for me?

Ask yourself, how could I live in a world without computers? Computers have not only revolutionised the way we learn, communicate and do business but have transformed our everyday lives!

Technology is constantly evolving, so a firm knowledge of computer skills and concepts is likely to be essential in your future career. That’s why the IT industry is predicted to grow at a rate of 2.5% per year for the next ten years! Our Computing & IT courses will allow you to enter this exciting industry with the skills, technical knowledge and confidence to make a real impact.

The job prospects are almost endless and top IT practitioners are always in high demand.

Areas of Study

Changes to Assessment From September 2017 the assessment process for the Cambridge Technical qualification has changed. Students now take a total of three examinations (two in Year 12, one in Year 13). Students also complete one unit of coursework. The weighting for the revised qualification is 50% Exam 50 % Coursework. All examinations must be passed to gain accreditation overall. As a result the new Cambridge Technical qualification suits students with a genuine interest in ICT and a desire to take their studies in the subject further.

Fundamentals of IT – this facilitates a sound understanding of IT technologies such as hardware, networks, software and how business use IT. Global Information – this unit will give you a firm understanding of how businesses and the public use and manage information within their systems.

Unit 18 – Computer Hardware: This will teach you how to install hardware components to a PC, with a view to testing and considering preventative maintenance procedures.

Unit 5 – Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: This will teach you to design and create your own VR or AR applications.

Unit 12 – Mobile Technology: This until will broaden your knowledge and understanding of the wider potential of mobile technologies and its consequences to people and businesses.

Future Opportunities

The course is designed for individuals who would like to work within the IT industry including Software Engineer, Network Manager, IT Consultant or Business Information Analyst or creative industries such as: Computer Games Development, Website Development, Systems Analysis, Programmer, Digital Artist. You can continue on to higher and further education courses & university to complete Computing BSc based degrees or apprenticeships.

Exam Board: OCR Cambridge Technical