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Health & Social Care

Is this course for me?

Health and Social Care is a course for anyone interested in working with people of a variety of ages and in a range of settings. This could range from babies or children, people with special needs or learning difficulties, families and young people, to the elderly in any early years, educational, social or health care profession. If you have an approachable, trustworthy, enthusiastic and compassionate nature, this course may be for you!

Areas of Study

Health & Social Care aim to develop skills as well as academic achievement that would be useful for a range of careers in the Health and Social Care Sector. The course draws on a range of disciplines including Biology, Sociology, Psychology and Physiology with the aim of giving students a better understanding of what it would be like to work in a Health and Social Care Setting. Emphasis is placed on practical learning with students given the opportunity to complete work experience and observations in a setting of their choice. Students find that it compliments other subjects e.g. Psychology, Applied Science, Biology, Sociology and P.E. This course is accepted by the Russell Group universities.

Unit One: Building Positive Relationships in Health and Social Care (Internally assessed via coursework)
Unit Two: Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care (Exam)
Unit Three: Health, safety and security in health and social care (Exam)
Unit Ten: Nutrition for health (Internally assessed via coursework)

In Year 13 we are now doing:
Unit Four: Anatomy and physiology for health and social care (Exam)
Unit Seventeen: Supporting people with mental health conditions.

Future Opportunities

Studying Health and Social Care will enable you to progress into Higher Education to pursue many different careers including, Adult, Children or Mental Health Nursing, Teaching, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Public Health Degrees, Midwifery and many more.

Exam Board: OCR Cambridge Technical