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Is this course for me?

Geography is about the study of people and places. You will discover how the human and physical worlds interact, how people affect their environment and how the environment affects them. A Level Geography develops a range of transferable skills, including numeracy and statistics, graphical and cartographic skills. This course helps you to improve vital literacy skills when reading source material and communicating arguments through essay based responses. You will explore the idea of ‘place’ and interpret how different groups of people understand places from the local to the global.

Areas of Study

This exciting course is designed to equally combine the human and physical aspects of Geography. Topics include coastal systems, contemporary urban environments, changing places, water and carbon cycles, hazards and global systems and global governance.

The A Level is 80% exam and 20% coursework. In the first year you will study Water and Carbon Cylces, Hazards and Changing Places. In the Summer term you will spend four days in the field, where you will collect data to write up a 3000-4000 word report that will account for 20% of your A Level.

In year 2 you will continue with your coursework and alongside study the final units Coastal Systems, Contemporary Urban Environments and Global Governance.

Future Opportunities

You will be able to follow any Geography, Environmental or Social Science degree course. Statistically, Geography graduates enjoy the lowest unemployment figures. Geography will support an application to almost any other degree area. A Level Geography is highly valued by employers in all sectors, from the civil service and public sector, to the military and scientific research, to travel and tourism and the growing green economy and environmental sectors. Careers include H.R., management, marketing, retail and financial services.

Exam Board: AQA