St. Mary's

Core RE

As a Catholic academy, students have one timetabled Core RE session a week. Students enjoy a wide selection of choices within this course. Lively debates are common, as are the opportunities to explore different aspects of faith and what this means in the modern, diverse world. Religious education in the sixth form offers students the space to explore, question, evaluate, reflect on, and apply their own beliefs while respecting the beliefs of others.

There is also the opportunity to get involved in charity work, student groups, SVP, CAFOD, Fairtrade events and trips out. Students discuss the wider issues in life and look at the big questions in life which challenge us all. Through spiritual development students can continue to make sense of their place in the world.

An option within Core RE is for students to study for an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) on a subject of their choice which is relevant to the course and respects our Catholic values. This is a fantastic opportunity for students and provides the opportunity for independent research; great preparation for successful undergraduate study. The end product, of either a 5000 word essay or a 1000 word essay plus artefacts, is the choice of the student. The EPQ is currently completed over part of Year 12 and the early part of Year 13, with January of Year 13 being the deadline for completion, well before the pressure of summer exams.

Future Opportunities

The ability to critically reflect on important matters of belief and culture is a skill highly valued by universities and employers. The EPQ will also set you apart from other candidates when applying for a place at university, an apprenticeship or a job. Core RE develops skills and shows an employer or university admissions tutor that you are a student who is reflective, self-motivated and committed to learning.