St. Mary's

Computer Science

Is this course for me?

This course has been designed to give students an in depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of computer science. If you have a real interest in the use of computers to develop software and you enjoy the challenge of problem solving, you might be looking for a career in games development or systems analysis. You will develop the capacity for thinking creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically.

Areas of Study

The course covers SOME of the following areas and topics:

  • Fundamentals of Programming – learn, use and apply the basic building blocks of programming.
  • Fundamentals of Algorithms – learn about existing methods to solve problems and apply them.
  • Theory of Computation – learn about being able to solve a problem and provide a working solution.
  • Data Representation – how computers manage and store data such as binary, images and sound.
  • Computer Architecture – how computers are made up inside and how the components work together to make a computer system.
  • Communication and Networks – learn about the structure of computer networks and the internet and how we transfer data safely and securely.
  • Other topics include: data structures, computer systems, consequences of computing, Big Data, Problem Solving, Databases.

A-level Computing A2:
Paper 1 (Theory and Practical Programming On Screen Exam) 40% (of A2)
Paper 2 (Theory) 40% (of A2)
Project (Practical Computing Project and report) 20% (of A2)

Future Opportunities

Computing opens the door to a wide range of careers both with IT companies and those who use computers in industry, commerce, government service and the universities. Programming and Software Development, Telecommunications and Networking, Scientific Research, Web and Internet Services Computer Science, Software Engineering or Games Development. With Computing being a science based subject it complements other subjects well and is recognised by universities.

Exam Board: AQA