St. Mary's

Religious Studies

Assessment Structure

100% Examination

Exam papers are not tiered

Course Description

The Religious Studies GCSE is based on the beliefs, teachings and practices of Catholic Christianity. Students will build on the skills they developed during their KS3 studies and will also study religious philosophy and ethics. This will include arguments for the existence of God as well as religious teachings on relationships and families. Students will also examine how religion can be expressed in music and drama.

Future Opportunities

A GCSE in Religious Studies develops skills in analysis, critical reflection, coherent argument and empathy. All of which are skills necessary for a wide range of careers including teaching, journalism, social work, accountancy, banking and many other service industries. A GCSE in Religious Studies can, therefore, provide an effective springboard for a huge range of careers or for university and many employers regard Religious Studies as a valuable subject due to the skills developed throughout the GCSE course.