St. Mary's


Assessment Structure

Component 1 PFO: Portfolio of work
60% Coursework

Component 2 ESA: Externally Set Assignment; 10 hour exam
40% Examination

Final exhibition of portfolio of work

Course Description

This course provides students with a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in ways that are developmental in nature. Art improves your thinking, communication, interpersonal, practical, creative and ICT skills. GCSE provides progression from Key Stage 3 raising awareness of how art is used within our everyday lives to advertise, improve the environment and communicate to an audience. Fine Art explores practical and critical contextual work through a wide range of processes, different media. Students work in some of the following areas including drawing, painting, mixed media, printmaking . digital photographic techniques& sculpture.

Future Opportunities

Following a GCSE in art leads to an A level in our Sixth Form which then contributes to either University degree courses or Apprenticeships. We have close links with Blackpool and Fylde University campus and past students who have studied the subject and have then specialised at University to pursue careers in areas such as: Architecture, Advertising, Animation, Computer Aided Design, Graphic design, Interior design, Illustration, Fashion Design, Film, Media Studies, Museum Curator, Textile Design, Art Therapy work, Photographer, Product Designer, Landscape Architect, Web Design, Teaching and even running own design businesses.