St. Mary's

Sports Studies

Assessment Structure

60% Internal Coursework (2 units)
40% External Exam (1 exam – 1hr 15m)

Course Description

The Cambridge National in sport studies provides students with the knowledge and understanding of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, enabling them to make informed choices about their own physical development. Students complete 3 units over 2 years:

  • Unit 1— Contemporary Issues in Sport (External Exam with 40% of overall grade)
  • Unit 2—Performance and leadership in Sporting Activities (40% of overall grade)
  • Unit 4– Sport and the Media (20% of overall grade)

The course covers a wide range of topics across the 3 units, allowing pupils the chance to lead their own sports session to year 7 pupils and evaluate and assess their own practical performance.

As the course is predominately coursework based students must have access to a laptop and/or tablet. It is also imperative that pupils are strong practically. Pupils should be taking part in competitive sport both in extra curricular teams for school and/or in community clubs.

Future Opportunities

On completion of the OCR Cambridge National in Sport Studies, pupils will be able to progress directly to employment within the Sports industry or to proceed to further qualifications such as A-level PE or on to BTEC National level 3 Programmes.