St. Mary's

Media Studies

Assessment Structure

70% examination 2 papers both lasting 1hr 30 mins. A mixture of multiple choice, short answer and extended questions focussed on all aspects of the Media.

30% Coursework focussing on the creation of a Media product for an intended audience.

Unit 2: Controlled assessment. 3 assignments (introduction to media, cross media study and practical production and evaluation).

Course Description

This is a new and exciting syllabus which gives students an excellent introduction into the world of Media. During the course you will study a wide range of Media Industries: TV, Radio, Film, Music, Journalism, Social Media and Advertising. You will learn how these industries work, how they influence and are influenced by their audiences and how to produce convincing Media texts (films, radio/tv programmes, magazines and newspapers, web pages and adverts). You will learn how to market and publicise your material in order to make realistic presentations to the various industries. You will also gather a portfolio of work which you will be able to take to the next stage of training.

Good English skills, a creative imagination and the ability to work independently are important to this course.

Future Opportunities

The Media is a vast area of employment and the fastest growing industry in Britain today. From Journalism through to Public Relations, Advertising and Sales, the skills of analysis, communication and presentation which you will learn on this course will ensure that you are learning skills essential to the jobs market today. The course is also a stepping stone to AS/A level at St Mary’s and thence onto University where you can take up a degree in a huge variety of Media related subjects inc film, journalism, English and cultural based courses and other humanities based degrees.