St. Mary's


Assessment Structure

40% exam (written exam)
60% coursework (2 coursework units)

Course Description

OCR Level 2 Cambridge National in IT is aimed at students aged 14-16 years and will develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills that would be used in the IT sector. It consists of 3 units of study:

R050 IT in the digital world.
Using different applications and tools to design, create and evaluate IT solutions and products . This is assessed by exam.

R060 Data manipulation using spreadsheets
In this unit you will learn how to plan, design, create, test and evaluate a data manipulation spreadsheet solution to meet client’s requirements. This R0&0 will be assessed by completing a set assignment.

R070 Using Augmented Reality to present information
In this unit you will learn how to design, create, test and review an Augmented Reality model prototype to meet a client’s requirements.

Future Opportunities

What better skill to have in todays world than great digital ICT skills which will help you in the workplace or your further education studies.

The course is designed to provide you with a good foundation to go on and study any of the following – Graphics, Media Studies, ICT, Level 3 in ICT, or even an apprenticeship at level 3. The ICT skills and knowledge learnt on this course will be beneficial in the work place through the practical business scenarios covered.