St. Mary's


Assessment Structure

100% examination

Exam papers are not tiered

Course Description

GCSE History content comprises the following topics:

Paper 1—thematic study and Historic environment – 30%:
Crime and punishment in Britain, c1000-present and Whitechapel c1870-c1900.

Paper 2—period study and British depth study – 40%:
Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060-88 Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91.

Paper 3—modern – 30%:
Weirmar and Nazi Germany.

Choosing History will give you an understanding of how our country has developed over the last millennium and how the world has changed during the last century. You will also learn a wide variety of skills such as interpretation of sources, essay writing and critical thinking.

Future Opportunities

Following a GCSE in History can lead to many different careers. History is a highly regarded subject by employers and universities because it requires you to communicate effectively, evaluate critically and handle evidence with confidence. Careers in media, law, finance, public services, education, retail and management all welcome a GCSE in History.