St. Mary's


Assessment Structure

100% examination
Exams are not tiered

Course Description

The GCSE Geography course enables students to appreciate the complexity of our world and the diversity of its environments, economies and cultures. The course is split into four units:

Paper 1 Living with the physical environment: hazards, living world, coasts and rivers

Paper 2 Challenges in the human environment: urban issues, economic world, resource management and food

Paper 3 Issue evaluation, physical and human fieldwork

Future Opportunities

Following a GCSE course in Geography most students will go on to study Geography at A Level. Geographers are known for their wide skill set and are highly desired by employers. Geography is a bit of everything -economics, history, chemistry, biology, physics and politics to name a few and Geography fits in and complements a wide range of subjects. Geography is one of the more academic subjects and is regarded highly by the top universities – they will look at your combination of A-Level and GCSE subjects when you apply. Careers include: marketing & retail, accounting, research, teacher training, publishing & journalism, water resource management, tourism, transport management and traffic planning to name a few.