St. Mary's


Assessment Structure

Unit 1: (40%).

Devising theatre (either acting or design). Assessed through performance, portfolio of evidence and evaluation.

Unit 2: (20%)

Performance from a text. Two performances from the same play. Performance to visiting examiner

Unit 3: (40%) 1hr 30min Written examination

Section A: set text, Section B: evaluation of live theatre performance

Course Description

The GCSE in Drama combines practical work (acting, theatre design, costume and make up) with written analysis of a set text, their own performance and external theatre visits. The course will enable the students to actively engage in the process of Dramatic study in order to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical students with enquiring minds. They will work imaginatively and creatively with others, generating, communicating and developing ideas. They will also be encouraged to develop their own skills and to reflect and evaluate their own and others’ work.

Future Opportunities

The GCSE in Drama is intended to give students a qualification which can be used as a stepping stone to further education in St Mary’s Sixth Form, from where students may move on to University or into the workplace. It is not solely for students who wish to work in the theatre. Given that students will also learn the skill communication which will be of direct benefit to them in future employment, this subject is also very beneficial for any future career which involves meeting/assisting the public and where team work is essential: e.g., hospitality, public relations, marketing, management, teaching, venue management- to name but a few.