St. Mary's

Creative Design & Production

Assessment Structure

Non-exam Assessment – 60%
Externally set, internally marked, externally moderated
Examined Assessment – 40%
Externally set and externally marked

Course Description

This qualification aims to focus on the study of creative design and production in the design and production industry, offer breadth and depth of study incorporating a key core of knowledge and provide opportunities to acquire a number of practical and technical skills. The objectives of this qualification are to place design and production in context, understand design materials and processes, understand design brief and production processes, prepare for the presentation of a design solution, undertake a review of processes and final solution and explore working in the design production industries.

Areas of Study and Skills

Design movements, design principles, investigating materials, the design process, digital design and manufacturing, interpreting a design brief, communication skills, presenting a design solution, methods of presentation and presentation skills, review of processes and skills, employment and career opportunities and product promotion.

Learners will develop skills in the following areas: developing their own ideas and adapting a response to feedback, problem solving, planning, evaluating their own work, independent learning, professional behaviours, working to deadlines, entrepreneurial skills, self-promotion and communication skills.

Future Opportunities

Following a VCert in Creative Design & Production (Product Design) can lead to A Level Art and Design courses such as Graphic Communication, Fine Art and Photography in our Sixth Form which then allows entrance to University degree courses. Further Education and career opportunities include architecture, advertising, animation, computer design and manufacturing, graphic design, illustration, media studies, photography, product designer, teaching, packaging development, manufacturing and many other options.