St. Mary's

Computer Science

Assessment Structure

100% Exam

Course Description

GCSE computing is a fascinating and challenging but ultimately rewarding course which develops strong problem solving skills and resilience. You will learn the secrets behind the code – gaining an insight into how your favourite games and apps work. You will use industry standard tools to create your own programs. You will also cover the theory of computer security, networking, components and data representation. This course is considerably more challenging than ICT and is aimed at pupils who wish to pursue a technical route in future education or employment.

You cannot choose this unless you have studied in year 9 or have discussed with Mrs. Grant.

Future Opportunities

The course is designed to provide you with a good foundation to go on and study any of the following – A-Level / Level 3 Computing / Game Development, Maths, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Electronics. The programming skills and knowledge learnt on this course will be beneficial in the work place as we enter a new era where we can code to create our own apps and services for businesses. This is a very exciting time to possess programming skills and will enhance your skill set considerably.