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ImageOn 3rd February the Music Rooms were handed over to the College. The air-conditioning needs commissioning but the structural work is now complete. The corridor from the bottom of the Chapel stairs is now complete and leads into a entrance Hall (see the photographs) and the Music ICT Rooms. The keyboards and computers are due to be delivered soon and an interactive whiteboard will be fitted with a new stereo system installed. There is a new Music Office (previously the Head’s Secretary’s Office) and a new Store Room between the two teaching classrooms. The end room is the new Music Ensemble Room and the furniture is due for delivery – we still need to accommodate one piano elsewhere in the College or sell it to somebody with a space large enough be able to use it.

The ‘soundproof practice room’ needs some modification before it is usable but when finished will form part of the re-designed music suite. The corridor by Miss Young’s Office has been redecorated in the new Convent colours and links together the RE department with the Staff Room. It’s now time to turn our attention to the staircases and corridors throughout the rest of the Convent Building

ImageAlso on Friday 3rd February 2006, the Science Department held a special Holocaust Day lesson in the Hall, to remember the millions who died during the Holocaust of the Second World War.  The gallery section has been updated with photos from this lesson.


Perrot Photos

Image Perrot Photographers were asked by Blackpool Borough Council to create a visual resource to reflect the diversity of learning going on in the Borough’s schools. The College was asked to provide the Sixth Form contribution and the photographers spent a morning taking snaps of an U6th Chemistry lesson and Dance lesson. They also took some general photos of Sixth Formers relaxing and working in the LRC (although it isn’t easy to spot which ones are which). The photos selected are in the gallery if you want to have a look at life in the Sixth Form.

Well Worth Reading

ImageOnce again the students at St Mary’s have shown their generosity through their annual Advent Charity Appeal. For the fifth year running, Mrs Gregson has organised  the appeal with each form tutor and tutor group in the College collecting money to buy presents for needy youngsters and pensioners. At the beginning of Advent each form simply receives two tags with people's names and ages on, for example "Charlie aged 3" and "Edith aged 79".  The students and form tutors then start raising money through activities like a sponsored silence, cake sales and an own clothes day whilst also spending time discussing and thinking about the kind of present each person may want or need. Altogether the College raised over £2,400 and bought dozens of presents ranging from TVs and DVD players to hampers of Christmas goodies for the young people known to the Catholic Caring Services and pensioners supported by Age Concern.  Some of the older students went out with the Age Concern staff and volunteers to distribute the gifts around the town.  Headteacher, Stephen Tierney, said "This is a powerful act of Christianity in action.  It allows the young people to help others whilst reflecting Christmas - the selfless giving of Jesus as a gift to the World - in their own special way."

For more photos please visit the Advent Collection part of the Gallery

Music Department Refurbishment

ImageFylde Interiors started work on the re-development of the Music Rooms at the College on 21st November. The two existing rooms, which were originally the Borders’ Common Room, are being re-shaped to create two equal sized rooms – one will become an Ensemble Room and the other a dedicated Music ICT Room with music keyboards linked to computers for composition. The system will have headphones linked to the computers so students can listen to their own compositions privately; this will be a blessing to Ms Young whose Office is adjacent to the Music Suite. Unfortunately the organ has had to be removed but it had fallen into such a state of disrepair that it proved too costly to renovate. Hopefully one of the pianos can be sold to pay for the refurbishment of the other so there will be a first class Grand Piano in the Ensemble Room. There is also a Music Department Office and Storeroom as well as a soundproof music practice room being constructed in the new area. The builders are a little ahead of schedule and the work should be finished early next year.

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