Lancashire Girls Active Conference

Girls Active Conference 

On Friday 22nd June I took 5 girls to the Lancashire Girls Active Conference held at UCLAN.  The girls were Darci Shaw, Millie-Rose Morgan, Jessica Murphy, Olivia Hawkins and Jody Mcpherson.  We were lucky enough to hear Jenna Downing (Inline Skating World Champion) giving an inspirational speech about her journey to becoming World Champion.  She spoke honestly about the struggles and challenges she faced in what was seen as a ‘male dominated sport’.  Being ‘resilient’ was crucial to her reaching her target of becoming World Champion.  The overall message was that all girls can find a sport or physical activity they can enjoy and gain the health and fitness benefits from – it is just finding it!  

Following this the girls experienced 3 workshops – Jenna Downing led the first session which was Inline skating.   This was great fun and involved, all sorts of challenges, from creating a group caterpillar to completing mini jumps.  The second session was ‘Boxing’ led by Rachael MacKenzie who is the World Champion Thai boxer.  This was a great session were we learnt some boxing sequences, shot patterns and most importantly the correct technique.  Our final session was the most relaxing as we experienced yoga and relaxation techniques.  The girls thought this was great!

We all had a great day and the 5 girls are going to be our first ‘Girls Active Leaders’.  In September there will be an opportunity for more girls to become leaders.  The role of a leader will be to choose an activity they wish to deliver, advertise and recruit members to their club and deliver a 4-6 week programme of their activity either at a lunch time of after school.  This requires commitment and hard work but the reward of seeing students growing in confidence and enjoying what you are delivering is a great reward. (There will be a member of PE staff with students during all the session)   

The overall aim of the Girls Active Programme is to engage as many girls as possible in a diverse programme of activity in the hope that every girl will find something they can enjoy and gain the health and fitness benefits from it.  There will be no competitive element involved in these activities, the main focus being fun and enjoyment.  The 5 leaders are already keen a ready to go and have some great ideas around Yoga, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Dance and Boxing.  We also hope to get Genna Downing in to deliver some Inline skating sessions – Watch this space.

This is a very exciting time for girls PE and I hope all girls at St Mary’s can find an activity that they can enjoy, have fun and reap the fitness gains from it.

Mrs Roberts      


New Starters 2018

Here you will find information for the parents/guardians of students joining Year 7 at St. Mary's from September 2018. 

On the menu there are links to a Data Collection sheet, a Biometric consent form, a Medical form and a Free School Meal form.  Please complete and return these forms at the Parents Evening on the 28th June. It is vital that we have accurate information for your child before they start in September.

Transition Week

We are looking forward to welcoming your child during Transition Week from Monday 9th July – Friday 13th July 2018. 

The Academy day starts at 8:35 a.m. and finishes, for the Year 6’s, at 3:00 p.m. Pupils arriving at the Academy should make their way into the school building through the pupil entrance; staff and prefects will help to direct pupils. At the end of the day pupils leaving on foot will be invited to make their own way home at 3:00pm. Please note that home time on Thursday will be 2:30pm due to our early finish. Pupils being picked up by car will be escorted to the front of school at 3:00pm to be collected by parents. Please be aware that parking will be very difficult on site at this time and I would encourage parents to park close to the Academy and walk to collect your son/daughter from the front of school. Pupils travelling by public or private bus will wait in the school dining area until they are escorted to the buses at 3:10pm.

On Monday 9th July pupils will be introduced to their Form Tutor, will get to know the new building and will also be involved in some typical lessons and activities. Pupils should arrive in their primary school uniform.

During Tuesday 10th – Thursday 12th pupils will be working with an external company to explore how they can make a successful transition from primary to secondary school. Year 10 pupils will also be leading sessions in conjunction with the company. As many of these activities will be practical please could pupils arrive on these days in their primary school PE kit and trainers. If a jumper or warm top is not part of your child’s normal PE kit please ensure that they wear their school jumper in addition to their PE kit.

On Friday 13th July pupils will participate in groups to complete a series of linked challenges. They should arrive in their primary school uniform.

Pupils will be required to bring a packed lunch on each day during the week. Pupils entitled to a free school meal will have a packed lunch provided. We will ask the primary schools for this information prior to the week. There will be no opportunity for Year 6 pupils to make any cash purchases at break or lunch.

In addition to their lunch please can pupils also bring a pen and a pencil.