Wonderful Week 2018 - Day 5 Update

Wonderful Week Day 5 

It’s the end of a wonderful week! The Sixth Form were off bright and early to visit Edge Hill University. They enjoyed looking around the campus and discussed what the university could offer them. The Year 7 camp returned from camp today – they had a great time sat round a camp fire, learning about bush craft, archery and enjoying the countryside.

The Football group continued to work with Fleetwood Town and the Sports and Leisure group spent the day ice-skating and at the sandcastle water park. Meanwhile, the London trip group arrived back in school and created a beautiful display showcasing their trip.

In St Mary’s Bake Off, the students completed their mood boards, did presentations and then had a celebratory lunch for all of their hard work. After lunch the Star Baker awards were presented to students who had shown exemplary skills. Well done to all involved!

The Challenge finished a fantastic day with a camp fire with smores and tasted marshmallows. They had a wonderful day doing the following activities: kayaking, wobbly water park, paddle boarding, windsurfing, climbing tower, leap of faith and the zip line. It’s safe to say that the students took all of the challenges in their strides. The staff at Galloway Activity Centre were incredibly impressed with their resilience and willingness to try new activities.

After a late night, the Barcelona students came back to school today buzzing with stories about their fabulous experiences. Many students talked about how much they enjoyed the sights and the theme park! All students headed outside to finish off the day with a lovely game of rounders in the sunshine.

Face Your Fears had a great day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Extreme Action had another action-packed day at clip and climb. The props group had astounded both staff and students with the props they have made this week: they are learnt so much and clearly enjoyed their time getting creative. The Week of Culture group finished their week with a fashion show showcasing their wonderful new hair and makeup skills. Miss Abid and her sister very kindly brought in some dresses for the girls to wear and offered final makeup and hair masterclasses.

It’s truly been a wonderful week! We would like to thank all students for their participation in such a variety of activities and staff for organising such fantastic activities.

Wonderful Week 2018 - Day 4 Update

Wonderful Week Day 4

Today the Bake Off group have had a master class from Mrs. Flook on the art of cake icing and decorating. They then created their own fantastic designs including a unicorn, a sea themed cake and a mermaid.

The Week of Culture group have been preparing for their end of week fashion show tomorrow by having a dress rehearsal of makeup. They will be bringing in their own outfits and accessorising with scarves and jewellery.

The Year Seven group, who have enjoyed their time at camp, have now returned and today they visited the zoo.

Laser tag, the escape room and bowling was on the agenda for those participating in Sport and Leisure today after an exciting day at Chill Factore yesterday. Henry set the fifth fastest time up the climbing wall – a staggering 17.3 seconds. The instructors were amazed that Henry had no climbing experience and the determination and resilience he showed to get onto the awards board. Well done Henry!

Fears continued to be conquered by facing sharks at the Sea Life Centre and the darkness of the Tower Dungeons for both I Love Blackpool and the Face your Fears groups.

The finishing touches were being put to the props today by their group as they painted and soldered.

The Xtreme Action group have been out at Stanley Park on the high ropes course and the football team have continued their coaching with Fleetwood Town.

Sixth Form pupils have spent the day preparing for their visit to Edge Hill University tomorrow.

The students who have been to Barcelona and London are making their way home today and we look forward to hearing all about their experiences tomorrow.

Wonderful Week 2018 - Day 3 Update

Wonderful Week Day 3

Creepy Crawly Roadshow
Today the ‘Face Your Fears’ group have conquered lots of fears by holding lots of unusual insects and animals. All of the students had the opportunity to hold the animals and learn all about them. After break they took part in an eating challenge where the students tasted lots of interesting things. They were really surprised at some of the foods that they liked which they had presumed they would have hated!

The Challenge!
It’s been another day full of challenges in Scotland! The students have enjoyed playing laser tag, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, zorbing, archery – not to mention playing on an inflatable water park! All students are having a fabulous time and are looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow!

St Mary’s Bake Off
Today was bread day! The bakers enjoyed learning the skills of needing and proving to get the perfect loaf. They also made some dough which they later used to make pizzas for their lunch – yum!

Prop Making
Lots of hard work has gone on today in props! The students have worked fabulously on the intricate details of their props now that they have completed their main designs. We are really looking forward to seeing the completed props at the end of the week.

Xtreme Action!
Students and staff have had a great day at the Chill Factore in Manchester. They spent time on the climbing wall and in the snow park. They are all really looking forward to tomorrow’s activity of the high ropes!

The footballers are all looking rather tanned after another day in the sunshine. Fleetwood Town FC have bene working with the students on their passing, dribbling and shooting. Another great day had by all!

Sports and Leisure
The Sports and Leisure group have had a wonderful day at the Chill Factore and The Trafford Centre.

I love Blackpool
Once again Blackpool has not disappointed! All students have had a wonderful day at a variety of locations: Blackpool Tower, the Sea Life Centre, The Dungeons and the zoo.


Wonderful Week 2018 - Day 2 Update

Wonderful Week Day 2

This morning the Week of Culture group had a make-up master class and then tried out their skills on each other. The group are now experts at applying eyeshadow and false eyelashes.

One half of Year 7 visited Blackpool Zoo whilst the other group continue to enjoy their time at Waddecar Scout Camp. The in school football group have continued their coaching with Fleetwood Town.

The Bake Off group have been busy making delicious cupcakes and decorated boxes to deliver them in. Lightsabres, shields and swords were some of the creations the Prop Makers were busy putting together today.

The Sport and Leisure group have spent the day visiting Manchester United and doing a spot of shopping at The Trafford Centre. The Face your Fears group have all survived the zombie maze and are looking forward to a creepy crawly roadshow tomorrow.

Sixth Form pupils have recovered from their Army experience yesterday and have spent the day preparing for university visits tomorrow.

The Xtreme action group have spent another successful day at Blackpool Wake Park taking part in a range of water sport activities. The Challenge group have spent the day in Scotland, kayaking and sailing.

The I love Blackpool group have visited all the top attractions in Blackpool and have enjoyed learning about the history of Blackpool tower.

Pupils in London are looking forward to watching a performance of 42nd street this evening.

Blackpool Town Athletics

On a very warm and sunny Friday, pupils from St.Mary's competed in the Annual Blackpool Schools Athletics Competition at Stanley Park. All pupils performed really well in the hot conditions and did the school proud. Combining the boys' and girls' scores overall, St. Mary's placed 3rd. Well done to all involved.

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