Year 7 Jesus project

Year 7 are currently undertaking a project examining the life of Jesus. They are trying to decide whether people followed the human Jesus or the divine Jesus. To help them in their mission they compiled a lotus diagram looking at what attracted people to Jesus. 

The following lotus diagrams have been compiled collaboratively by students on the Google Drive.

He said that if you follow him, you will have eternal life in heaven. Jesus could make people resurrect.   When Simon left everything and went with Jesus. In the text it says ‘he was told to sell all he owned and follow Jesus.’ Jesus gave the rich man a chance of a new life in heaven and in life Jesus told him when to fish and the net came up full. He spoke wise words e.g Follow me Jesus suggested that he was the son of God by saying that if you believe in God you should follow him.
  REWARD OF ETERNAL LIFE    When Levi left all his belongings he was no longer a tax collector, but somebody respected by other people.  CHANCE OF A NEW LIFE  Jesus gave all the people a chance to become his mother and brothers.  He said that if anybody gives up everything for his sake theirs shall be the kingdom of heaven.  HE WAS SON OF GOD  Only the son of God could do this.
       .He made the girl come back to life.  He gave Peter the chance to become the first Pope.  All the people who followed him were now classed as Jesus’ disciples.  5000 people wouldn’t just follow him if he was a normal man, he had to be the son of God.  He predicted that Peter will deny him 3 times.  He calls himself ‘the Shepperd’ which is how prophets addressed the Messiah.
 He didn’t bore you with laws.  He didn’t scowl Levi for his wrong doings, but saw the good in him. He spoke in riddles, well, some of the time.   REWARD OF ETERNAL LIFE  CHANCE OF A NEW LIFE  HE WAS SON OF GOD  He forgave all the sinners and said that if they wanted to they could become his family.  He felt compassion for the little girl.  He forgave Peter when he denied him 3 times.
 He called everybody even sinners his mothers and brothers if they followed him.  HE WAS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER TEACHERS  He could perform miracles.  HE WAS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER TEACHERS  WHAT ATTRACTED PEOPLE TO JESUS?  HE SHOWED COMPASSION/FORGIVENESS  He forgave Levi for all the cheating he did while a tax collector.  HE SHOWED COMPASSION/FORGIVENESS  Jesus forgave Simon  even though he did some thing wrong.
 He had special powers.  He resurrected from the dead.  He could tell the future.  JESUS HAD AN ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY  A COMMUNITY – A NEW FAMILY  HE PERFORMED GREAT MIRACLES  He told Peter what he will do to so that he could forgive him.  He loved the people so much that he didn’t send them to villages to eat.  He offered the man a place in heaven.
 People ran from villages and towns to see him and for him to speak to him.  Jesus was probably the first person who had spoken kind words to him for a long time.  He was friendly, happy, he got on with them and he was a good man.  Jesus let Levi join his family of disciples.  Jesus started a new community with the disciples.  He offered the rich man a place, unfortunately, the man didn’t accept it.  The nets were filled.  The part were he tells the future is a sort of miracle.  Jesus told him when to fish and the net came up full.
 You know that people liked him because he said that he was talking to a crowd.  JESUS HAD AN ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY  He was happy  even though not everyone was nice to him.  He brought the girl back into his family.  A COMMUNITY – A NEW FAMILY  Jesus suggested become his mothers and brothers by following him.  Made someone resurrect from the dead  HE PERFORMED GREAT MIRACLES  He fed 5000 people with 5 loathes of bread and 2 fish.
 The rich man came to Jesus for advice.  Many people must have known him if they knew Peter.  Peter said that he would never do that, he was wrong.  He doesn’t ban Peter from his family  He accepted Peter back into his family.  All the 5000 are now a community.  He accepted a sinner into his life.  Jesus could make the man go into heaven.  The Jesus’ fortune telling is proved right.

 I think people were attracted to the divine Jesus because  in most of the boxes it said that he was talking to a crowd and so he must have been quite popular with the people. If the people did come to him for advice then the crowd must have trusted him and thought him as the Son of God.

By Alina Sladkiewicz, Amy Rossall, Samantha Garner-Jones and Phoebe Reed-Gaskell.


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