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DECA x10 - DECI /10

Deca – hedron: a solid with 10 faces.

Deca – metre: 10 metres.

Deca – de: 10 years.

Deca – athlon: an atheletic competition of 10 events.

Deca – syllable: a poetry line of 10 syllables.

Deci – bel: 0.1 bel (loudness measurement).

Deci – metre: 0.1 metre.

Deci – mal: system based on dividing by 10.

Deci – mate: to kill/get rid of every 10th person/thing.

Deci – gram: 0.1 grams.


A temporary alliance with a combined goal, often political or military.

Co – together, with.

ali – to feed, nourish.

tion – act, process, result of something.

Link words:

Alimentary – relating to nourishment or nutrition.

Coalesce – come together to form one mass or whole.

Alumnus – a former member of a group, company or organisation.

BOOK REVIEW: BLACKPOOL’S SEASIDE HERITAGE (published by Blackpool Council)


With our wonderful weather, beaches and tourist attractions, spending our summer here in Blackpool is certainly not something to complain about.  Think of how much money tourists spend to come here for their holidays and we have it all here right on our doorstep!

Following on from our “Living in Lancashire” theme this book, written by Allan Brodie and Matthew Whitfield, has a wonderful array of both black and white and colour photographs of Blackpool and lots of information about its heritage.  Its modern front page photograph shows Blackpool Tower  with its adjoining new, widened promenade and giant dune grass wind structures which sway in the wind, making this one of the more modern books on Blackpool, first published in 2014.

This is one of the many books on Lancashire available from our school library for you to borrow once we are back in school.  If you would like to reserve it (or any of the other books reviewed in our Literary Canon Blog), please contact me via our library email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Fear of everything, a constant sense of foreboding (Anxiety, emotional, stressed, panic, sweating, depressed etc)

Pan/Panto – all, everything.

phobia – fear of.

Link words:

Panacea, Pantomime, Pandemic, Agoraphobia, Arachnophobia.


To sleep through the hot Summer months.

Aestas – Summer (in Latin).

ive – to do with.

ate – to make into.

tion – act, process, result of.

The opposite of Aestivation is Hibernation. Hibernus is Latin for Winter.