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The Book Thief

Year 7 Literary Canon – Book 3

I really liked The Book Thief and I would give it a 4/5 because it was a funny yet really sad book. My favourite character was Liesel because she is a book lover and has inspired me to read more and to enjoy books. I also really liked Rudy because he had an enjoyable and funny personality. My favourite part of the book was where Rudy asked Liesel for a kiss! Does she agree? You will have to wait and see! This book is based on one of the saddest periods in history: World War 2 when Hitler struck. This tells us a little about how they prepared for the air raids and how Hitler had everyone brain washed to follow his rules, or else...  

Written by Ella.

The Book Thief

Year 7 Literary Canon – Book 3

I give this book a nine out of ten, because throughout the book it contains so many different, exciting events that arise along the way. The part I enjoyed most is the connection between Liesel and her Foster Dad (Hans Hubermann). They have a great bond and it will last forever. The section I didn't particularly like is when there are lots of air raids and the war is happening, because it made me feel tense and left me and my form in suspense. My favourite character was Rosa Hubermann because even though she seems really mean on the outside, she has a pure heart and is kind on the inside.

Overall I think this is a really excellent book because it keeps you in suspense throughout the book. It also makes you want to carry on reading, even though you have to stop because of the end of reading time!

Written by Abbie.



The Diary of Anne Frank

Year 8 Literary Canon - Book 3

This Diary of Anne Frank is about two Jewish families. Anne is a 13 year old girl who wrote one of the most powerful diary entries the world has ever seen. The two Jewish families went into hiding during World War Two, this is the time of Nazi occupation. Anne and her family enter the secret annex and their lives change forever. Anne Frank's diary is a powerful, personal account and I found it fascinating to read about her day to day life in the secret annex.

Written by Noah.




Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin

Year 7 Literary Canon - Book 2

Coram Boy is an amazing story about a man who takes babies from their helpless mothers for money and power. The mothers think their children are being taken to Coram Hospital in London however, this is not the case. As someone who likes History, it was great to learn about the treatment of children in the eighteenth century. Mish was an interesting character to get to know, he is very kind and generous but has lots of personal challenges. There are lots of characters to get to know in this book. My favourite part of the book is when Aaron and Alexander are reunited as father and son. I would not have picked this book up in the library but I am really glad I have had the opportunity to read it.

4* review.

Written by 7F.



Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Year 7 Literary Canon - Book 1

On the surface, this book is a straight forward story about a boy and a runaway slave. This book, first published in 1884, explores slavery and racism. Huck, the main character, joins a gang and escapes from the clutches of his abusive father. He meets a friend, Jim, and together they have all sorts of adventures. This is a fun book with lots of new words to explore. My favourite part of the book is when Huck and Jim meet the Duke and the King. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes an adventure story. 

5* review.

Written by Lillie-Ann.

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