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Stop PressFollowing a request from College Council, the Fast Pass has now been changed to allow winners to take one of their friends. The first of many BIG changes to be made by the College Council.

College Council Minutes 5/12/13

The following actions were agreed today:

  • Fast passes to be altered to include recipient plus one friend
  • To introduce ‘movie afternoons’ for students meeting criteria
  • A certain number of points to equate to money to spend in the canteen
  • Keep Pleasure Beach trips-students prepared to pay for this

Actions and timescale:

  • Fast passes to be modified for after Christmas
  • Movie afternoons to be rolled out at the end of next half-term
  • Points to equal money to spend in the canteen by February half term

Lesson Length consultation:

  • Ms Moore has the detailed feedback from students
  • Overwhelming majority voted to keep the current 100 minute lessons (should they have the choice)

Student Parliament

  • PNA asked for nominations for student parliament asap.
  • 1 per LH

Council Meeting #2 - Consultation on Lesson Length

We are reviewing our 100 lessons again with staff and students and are keen to know how the students feel about them. For those students who are younger than Year 10, what we used to have was 5 one hour lessons per day


If we were to change the 100 minute lessons, it would me more likely to be 4 lessons per day. The start and end of the day is not likely to change.

The school feels a calmer place during lesson changeover with 3x100 minute lessons rather than 5x60 minute lessons.

My teacher talks to me individually more about my work in lessons than previously.

I have a greater variety of activities in my lessons than in shorter lessons.

I feel that I have completed more work in lessons than previous lessons. / I feel that I usually complete a lot of work during the lesson.

I spend more time ‘doing ‘ rather than listening in 100 minute lessons than I did in 60 minute lessons.

I enjoy 100 minute lessons more than 60 minute lessons of previous years.

I find it more difficult to keep organised with my homelearning with 100 minute lessons rather than with 60 minute lessons.

I forget what I did in the previous lesson more than last year.

I find it hard to concentrate for 100 minutes.

Overall, I would like to continue with 100 minute lessons.

Other advantages of 100 minute lessons

Other disadvantages of 100 minute lessons  

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