Student Leadership

College Council Meeting #1

This week’s meeting focussed on discussion of our existing rewards policy and procedures. The students were asked to consider these questions from the agenda:

What rewards are in place now at St Mary's?

  • What are the views of the students about the current rewards?
  • What would students like to be rewarded for?
  • How would students like to be rewarded?


Creativity and Enterprise


No one likes current rewards Cinema is boring
We can lose more points easily than gain points Pleasure beach is OK
Progress gets really good rewards and others get less Points - You never get them and no-one cares
Finish early as a reward People who do good work don't get rewarded
Free period for years 10/11 Need new trips
Trafford Centre Be rewarded for good work, homework, attendance, behaviour, after school club, helping staff, cleaning canteen, uniform
Vote for what movie to watch More trips
Zoo Be able to spend points in canteen/shops
The more points you get the cheaper the trips Earn a certain badge
Get points for homework Fast passes are rubbish as you don't get to go with your friends
Year 11 only get prom Introduce golden time
Bring in breaktime passes  
Exchange points for rewards  
Text home about points situation, insight is not parent friendly  


Maths and ICT


No one likes fast passes - don't want to go to lunch on your own Introduce wristbands for rewards
Reward trips - bowling, ice skating, sea-life centre Movie day every half-term, certain number of points to enter
Circus Free canteen stuff
Grand Theatre No colour ties
Use different coloured badges/ties  
Introduce canteen vouchers  
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