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College Parliament meet with members of the executive SLT

College council meeting SLT

Prospective members of the College Parliament met with members of the executive SLT today to put forward the College Council's proposals regarding rewards. Zahra, Adam and Josh spoke with passion and enthusiasm on the topic and put forward four proposals which the SLT will now cost and Mr Naylor will implement.

  • Fast passes for breaktime and lunchtime with the option to bring a friend
  • Students to choose reward trips to various places not just the cinema
  • Points to be used as currency in dining room and shop within College
  • Staff to be encouraged to award points for good classwork and homework and an INSET session to be run on this

These proposals should be in place by February half term. This is the first representation by the College Council to the Exec SLT and the students enjoyed it immensely. The College Council under Mr Naylor's leadership is really beginning to make a difference to the lives of students at St. Mary's.  


Stop PressFollowing a request from College Council, the Fast Pass has now been changed to allow winners to take one of their friends. The first of many BIG changes to be made by the College Council.

College Council Minutes 5/12/13

The following actions were agreed today:

  • Fast passes to be altered to include recipient plus one friend
  • To introduce ‘movie afternoons’ for students meeting criteria
  • A certain number of points to equate to money to spend in the canteen
  • Keep Pleasure Beach trips-students prepared to pay for this

Actions and timescale:

  • Fast passes to be modified for after Christmas
  • Movie afternoons to be rolled out at the end of next half-term
  • Points to equal money to spend in the canteen by February half term

Lesson Length consultation:

  • Ms Moore has the detailed feedback from students
  • Overwhelming majority voted to keep the current 100 minute lessons (should they have the choice)

Student Parliament

  • PNA asked for nominations for student parliament asap.
  • 1 per LH
  • 1
  • 2