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Sixth Form Retreat

Abbot HallThe UK may have been drowning under the weight of flood water, but this didn’t put off this year’s sixth form retreat participants at Abbot Hall in Grange. Indeed, on a walk into Grange on the first afternoon, the sun even came out and for a while it looked like we might have a repeat of last year’s heatwave. It wasn’t to be, but the group itself generated plenty of heat and light.

Taking as our theme the wise words of Elizabeth Kubler Ross – ‘Beautiful people don’t just happen’ – we explored what it is to be human and made in God’s image. We did this through healthy debate, art, silence, powerpoint, liturgy and the Eucharist. 

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Abbot Hall Retreat

Abbot Hall Group PhotoAt the start of July, Mrs. Jones realised one of her dreams as she, Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Williamson accompanied a group of sixth formers on a three day retreat to Abbot Hall, Grange over Sands. Based on a spiritual theme, the trip offered peace, tranquillity and a time for quiet reflection, carefully balanced with fun, games and general merriment.

Over the three days, new friendships were formed and existing friendships strengthened as the entire group bonded through activities such as water polo, rounders, baking bread and an artwork workshop to produce the fabulous Yellow Brick Road and Emerald Vatican City (see gallery). Of course, the beautiful countryside did not go unnoticed either, with highly enjoyable treks through the fields, hills and sheep around Grange, and even a liturgy in the park. And despite the incredibly busy schedule, we still managed to find the time to watch Aisleyne rejoining the Big Brother house!

Huge thanks are due to Mrs. Jones for her efforts in organising this fantastic mini-break, and to Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Williamson for their help. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing experience, and a good time was had by all. 

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Year 10 Castlerigg Manor Retreat

ImageOn May 2nd 2006, a group of Year 10 students went to Castlerigg Manor on our annual retreat.  The purpose of the visit was to help them to explore their relationship with God and the world around them.

Reflective time spent in the chapel, both praying quietly and singing loudly, was at the heart of this special visit.

Over the 4 day visit the students took part in a variety of activities, including fell-walking in glorious sunshine, team-building exercises and even a limbo competition.  Other highlights included a lovely barbeque and of course Mr. Conway's song and dance routine! Please visit the Gallery for more photos

Castlerigg Manor

ImageOn January 30th some of our Year 11s went to Castlerigg Manor on our annual retreat.  The group gained a lot from a range of activities which helped them to explore how we live and our relationship with God and each other.

Highlights of the trip include the walks in absolutely freezing temperatures, the Thursday night disco, some lovely quiet prayer time in the Chapel and Mr McDonough's convincing table-tennis victory over Stephen Townsend!

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