St. Mary's Chaplaincy

Fairtrade Friday

Our third Fairtrade challenge of the fortnight took place last Friday with the “banana challenge.” The competition was to eat a Fairtrade banana without using your hands in the fastest time. The time to beat was a very impressive 17 seconds, as set by Mr Webb (pictured above, competing alongside Mr Jones). Many tried, almost as many failed, but in the end 3 students managed to beat his time. The overall winner, with a spectacular time of 15.33 seconds, was Wesley Austin in Y8. Wesley has won himself a £5 voucher for the Fairtrade Shop- we hope he enjoys spending it!

Fairtrade Day 3

Fairtrade Day 3
It was the design a Fairtrade Sock competition, and a sample of the entries are pictured below.  If you still want to complete a sock then templates are available from the Chaplains right up till lunch on Friday.  We were impressed by the interest we have so far (about 50 blank socks have been handed out) and we are waiting with baited breath for the designs to come in.  Thanks go out to everyone who has taken a template, who will win the prize of a pair of Fairtrade socks?

Fairtrade Day 1

Thanks to all that competed in Monday's "Chopstick Challenge".  Here are some of the photos that were taken during the challenge, with a picture of the fully stocked Fairtrade stall.  The student winner of the challenge was Kirsten in Year 11, who recieved her prize of 4 packs of Jelly Beans.  A special thanks should also go to Miss Thackwray from the English department, who set the unbeaten benchmark of 1 min 20 sec.
Thanks everyone!

Aleks' Pre-Trip Blog

AleksOn Monday, we waved a temporary goodbye to Aleks, our “Gapper”, who has set out for her trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua. She will visit CAFOD’s partners and learn about the projects that the money we raise support. While away, Aleks will be visiting education projects in universities, women’s empowerment projects in local communities and climate projects in towns and villages. She will hopefully also learn about the life and impact of Blessed Óscar Romero, one of our Learning House Saints.

We look forward to hearing about her trip over the next few weeks, but this is what she had to say about her forthcoming adventure before she left:

“What I know is that God will put us in the right places at the right time. Whomever we meet, whatever we see and experience will help us all and I can’t wait to experience it all! Meeting people we pray for, seeing CAFOD’S partners at work overseas and being able to be a witness back here with you. I simply cannot wait!

“That’s why, as a part of my prep, I am making an alteration to my own life. I’m letting God take control and trusting that what he plans for us is right. Swapping anxiety for excitement and prayerfully waiting for a visit that will change our lives.”

After a journey lasting 24 hours, including a short stopover in America, Aleks has arrived safe and well in El Salvador and spent a day resting ahead of her first visit to a CAFOD partner. Keep checking the website here at the Gaplains Blog page and our twitter page @TheGaplains for all the latest updates!