St. Mary's Chaplaincy

Installation of Bishop Paul Swarbrick

Bishop Paul's Episcopal Ordination
On Monday 9th April, four very lucky members of the St. Mary’s community were fortunate to attend the episcopal ordination of our new Bishop, Bishop Paul Swarbrick. Bishop Swarbrick was formerly the chaplain to St. Mary’s, and we felt honoured and privileged to be among the congregation at the service.

Mr. Eccles and Miss Smith were joined by Eddie Loy (Y7) and Jane Schwab (Y8) for the installation, which lasted a mega 2 hours 15 mins! Although it sounds long, the Mass completely flew by, as we were all wrapped up with the excitement of participating in such a special event. The Cathedral was filled with wonderful music and singing, as well as more Priests and Bishops than Miss Smith has ever seen gathered in one place! The ceremony of handing on the ministry from Bishop Campbell to Bishop Swarbrick was incredibly powerful, as was witnessing all of his fellow Bishops lay hands on and pray for our new Bishop at the very start of his ministry.

To finish the Mass, Bishop Swarbrick addressed us all for the first time. His speech was full of humour, faith and the promise of a fantastic 15 years ahead until his retirement! He even had time to pause for a photo with us at the end, even though he was surrounded by a whole crowd of parishioners and family wishing him well for the future.

All in all, it was a wonderful day filled with memories that all of us who attended will remember fondly for a long time to come.