St. Mary's School Bus Service

I am pleased to announce that Blackpool Coach Hire have offered to take over the running of the SM1 route. It has better numbers using it and they have agreed to adapt the route slightly to cover more potential student pick – ups. The route will operate at the same price and tickets will be available on the bus. The new company will operate this route starting in the Easter 2018 term.

Public bus services will still operate in the local area around St Mary’s, however the advantages of the SM1 service are:

  • it will be used by St Mary’s pupils only;
  • it will collect and deliver pupils directly to our bus bays;
  • The route has been designed to travel as close as possible to the main areas in which our students live.

List of local routes stopping nearby

Route SM1 - Use the map controls to zoom/move

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Service no. SM1

Morning Route Time Afternoon Route Time  (Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri)  Time (Thursday only)
Mereside - Langdale Road 07:25 St. Mary's Catholic Academy  15:20 14:50 
Preston New Road - McDonalds 07:30 No. 4 Pub - Newton Drive 15:23 14:53 
Cherry Tree Road - St George's 07:33 Forest Gate - Jnctn of Poplar Ave  15:25 14:55 
The Highfield Pub - Highfield Rd 07:40  Hornby Road - The Wainwright Club 15:27 14:57 
Halfway House Pub - St. Anne's Rd 07:46  Park Road - Jnctn of Blenheim Ave 15:30 15:00 
Squires Gate - Lytham Road 07:49  Whitegate Drive - The Saddle Pub  15:35 15:05
The Farmer's Arms Pub - Lytham Road 07:52  Park Road - Aldi Supermarket  15:37 15:07 
Watson Road - Park 07:55  Bloodfield Road  15:39 15:09 
Marton Drive - Tesco Express 07:58  Bloomfield Hotel - Ansdell Rd  15:40 15:10 
Bloomfield Hotel - Ansdell Rd 08:02  Marton Drive - Tesco Express  15:43  15:13
Bloodfield Road 08:03  Watson Road - Park  15:45  15:15
Park Road - Aldi Supermarket 08:05  The Farmer's Arms Pub - Lytham Road  15:48  15:18
Whitegate Drive - The Saddle Pub 08:07   Squires Gate - Lytham Road  15:50  15:20
Park Road - Jnctn of Blenheim Ave 08:12  Halfway House Pub - St. Anne's Rd  15:52  15:22
Hornby Road - The Wainwright Club 08:15  The Highfield Pub - Highfield Rd  15:57  15:27
Forest Gate - Jnctn of Poplar Ave 08:18  Cherry Tree Road - St George's  16:03  15:33
No. 4 Pub - Newton Drive 08:20  Preston New Road - McDonalds  16:05  15:35
St. Mary's Catholic Academy 08:25  Mereside - Langdale Road  16:10  15:40

The pricing structure, timetable and routes can be seen below. It will be possible for students to pay cash on the bus each day, but it is cheaper to buy either weekly or termly passes for regular travellers.

Blackpool Coach Hire is a private company and they have full responsibility in running the bus routes and in administration of passes etc. This is reflected in the fare structure. All enquiries and purchases of passes should be directed to Blackpool Coach Hire.

Pricing structure:

£2 Single
£3 Return
£12 Weekly Pass

Local Routes Stopping Nearby

Local routes stopping nearby include the: 
2C, 5, 12, 76, 77 and 607 stopping outside school.
2, 19 and 24 stopping near the south end of St. Walburga's Rd (nr Hospital).
6, 14, 42 and 400 stopping near the north end of St. Walburga's Rd.
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Preston Bus website
Stagecoach website