New bus routes for St Mary’s

Following the cancellation of the subsidised school buses by Blackpool transport I am pleased to announce that Archway travel are setting up two new bus routes for St Mary’s, one from the North of the town, which will be known as SM2, and one from the South, which will be known as SM1. This will run as a trial in the first place for the first half term.

Public bus services will still operate in the local area around St Mary’s, however the advantages of Archways services are:

  • they will be used by St Mary’s pupils only;
  • they will collect and deliver pupils directly to our bus bays;
  • pupils from the North of the town will only need to catch one bus service to get to the Academy, rather than the two buses they will need to catch with Blackpool transport;
  • The two routes have been designed to travel as close as possible to the main areas in which our students live.

Route 1 - Use the map controls to zoom/move

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Service no. SM2

Morning service

Cleveleys - West Drive:  07:50
Golden Eagle Pub:  07:54
Red Bank Road:  07:58
Shaftesbury Avenue:  08:05
Gynn Square:  08:07
Warley Road:  08:10
St. Mary's:  08:15 

Afternoon service

St. Mary's (ARR):  15:00
St. Mary's (DEP):  15:15
Warley Road:  15:20
Gynn Square: 15:23
Shaftesbury Avenue:  15:25
Red Bank Road:  15:32
Golden Eagle Pub:  15:36
Cleveleys - West Drive:  15:40

Route 2 - Use the map controls to zoom/move

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Service no. SM1

Morning service

Mereside - Langdale Road:  08:00
Cherry Tree Road:  08:05
Ansdell Road:  08:11
Whitegate Drive:  08:21
St. Mary's:  08:25

Afternoon Service

St. Mary's (ARR):  15:00
St. Mary's (DEP):  15:15
Whitegate Drive:  15:19
Ansdell Road:  15:29
Cherry Tree Road:  15:35
Mereside - Langdale Road:  15:40

The pricing structure, timetable and routes can be seen below. It will be possible for students to pay cash on the bus each day, but it is cheaper to buy either weekly or termly passes for regular travellers.

Archway is a private company and they have full responsibility in running the bus routes and in administration of passes etc. This is reflected in the fare structure. All enquiries and purchases of passes should be directed to Archway travel. It is very important that to remain viable that enough students use the two services they are providing so that they remain cost effective for Archway travel.

Pricing structure:

£2 Single
£3 Return
£12 Weekly Pass
£150 Termly Pass

All enquiries, including purchases of passes should be directed to:

Archway travel
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 01253 874358

Mr Eccles

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