Bring Your Own Device

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Scheme is now available to all years.  This scheme will allow students to use their own devices in college without the need to sign up to the college's laptop scheme.  Please note that not all devices are permitted at the moment, for more information please see the ICT Technicians.

To sign up to the scheme you can download the information pack by clicking this link

or you can pick up the form from the technicians office

Student Information

  • The device is your own responsibility
  • You must password protect your device
  • Do NOT tell anyone your password
  • You are only allowed one device on the network
  • Inappropriate use will result in confiscation of your device
  • Technicians can track your Internet usage in college
  • Do not go on any websites unless directed by your teacher
  • Device cameras are not permitted to be used in college
  • Your device must have antivirus software installed and up-to-date
  • You will lose a point if you fail to bring in your device

What we need from you

To sign up to the Bring Your Own Device scheme you must visit the technicians office and pick up the BYOD forms.  Fill them in and return them completed so we can add your device to the system

In order for us to help you connect to the college network there is certain details we will need about your device, namely its MAC address.  If you don't know how to find this information about your device you can ask the ICT technicians.

Keeping Your Device Safe and Secure

We strongly urge you to bring your device in a protective case or bag.  Normal backpacks and school bags are not usually designed to store them and they can be easily damaged bouncing around in one.  We also recommend to always bring your device's charger with you so that you can plug it in if you need to.  Remember to never leave your device unattended and if you make use of a school locker, always keep it locked when you store it inside.