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The St. Mary's Way

The St Mary’s Way is based on the mission of the church and academy and is built around a way of living and working together as a community centred on Pope Francis' modern day beatitudes:

  • Imago Dei

    • We see the value of every member of our community.
    • How we speak to others is a reflection of our care for them.
    • We will leave no member of our community feeling alone or that they don’t belong.
    • As people made in the image of God, we act with honesty and integrity.
    • Each day represents a chance to grow in wisdom.
  • Serving

    A Serving Community
    • We look out for the needs of others
    • Our behaviour should not harm the learning of others
    • We try to empathise and understand those who may be struggling
    • We see our role in the community as being there to help and encourage each other
  • Gratitude

    A Community of Gratitude
    • Staff and students thank each other at the end of each lesson
    • We show appreciation for all that is done for us in the Academy, whoever has done it
    • We recognise the expertise of those who work in the academy
    • We recognise that education is a privilege not enjoyed by everyone around the world
    • We appreciate the people we share this place with and from whom we can learn
  • Stewardship

    A Community of Stewardship
    • We look after the things we need to help us learn
    • We regard all of the academy as ours to look after
    • We cultivate our talents and use them for the good of ourselves and others
    • We play all of our roles with our best efforts
    • We respect the academy environment and enable it to be enjoyed by everyone
  • Forgiving

    A Forgiving Community
    • We avoid unnecessary conflict, often by talking it through
    • We are not quick to take offence or to ‘hit back’
    • We know the power of words to heal arguments and rebuild relationships
    • We work hard to forgive each other and ourselves
  • Prophetic

    A Prophetic Community
    • We recognise the power of our words
    • We speak the truth with compassion
    • We ensure that everyone is treated fairly
    • We keep a special eye out for those who may feel vulnerable

St Mary's Catholic Academy

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