Year 12 Geography fieldwork

Year 12 have had a busy start to the year squeezing in a number of visits and visitors.

On Tuesday 8th November, year 12 went on a Geography fieldtrip to Rossall beach.  Despite the freezing temperatures, they worked amazingly well to gather information on the processes taking place along the beach.  They were eager to put into practice some of the fieldwork techniques they have been developing and collect information on sediment size, shape and angularity.  In addition to this they  managed to measured the varying profile of the beach (without losing the ranging poles!) and have the opportunity to see first hand some of the process they have been learning about.

For the unit Changing Places they have investigated a nearby place, Bloomfield, and looked at the socio-economic indicators and how that place has changed over time. On Friday they met with Paul Maynard MP to discuss further the issues for the Fylde coast and how Westminster governs the area from afar.

They also had to investigate Wrea Green looking at a number of current and historical maps to see how area has changed. Students then investigated these areas noting landuse and environmental quality. They had a great interview with Cllr. John Maskell Chairman of the parish council who spoke about how the people have changed and future planning issues for the village.

A huge thanks to all staff and visitors who have given up a significant amount of time to enable this to happen.


Year 7 Pupils Travel the World

YToday year 7 pupils took Geography to next level as they explored some amazing countries across the planet to create a Journey of a Lifetime. Pupils worked collaboratively to decide upon the country they wanted to explore and then were given a budget and group identity so they could tailor there journey to suit the needs of all. Pupils were challenged to consider new and exciting destinations – they researched using Lonely Plant guidebooks, maps and the internet to find out as much as possible as well as having a carousel of input from budding travellers (us teachers). Pupils were very creative in their work – some chose to travel to Antarctica to do some science research, others explored the outback in Australia and some set up some voluntary work in India.

The good news is - none of our explorers were delayed by erupting volcanoes and all left on time for their lunch at 1:15!!

Volcano Project

Over the last term year 7 IP have been working on the topic of Italy. As you may know Italy has two famous volcanoes; Mount Etna in Sicily and Mount Vesuvius in Naples. In the Impact Centre we therefore decided to work on a volcano project which culminated in the pupils producing their own volcanoes and making them erupt. This short video shows the making of the volcanoes and their eruptions.

Geography Fieldtrip

Geography FieldtripOn the last Wonderful Wednesday the Year 12 A-level Geography group went on a fieldtrip to the River Wyre.  They collected information to determine how the river changes from it's source to the mouth in preparation for the January exams.  They are now looking forward to their next fieldtrip to Bolton at the end of the month.

A great day was had by all, check out the Gallery for more photos.