Acts Of Kindness Week 2016

AOK Week
The past week was Acts of Kindness Week which encouraged staff and students to anonymously do random acts of kindness to one another. This promotes the Catholic values the school strive so hard to set an example of. This week was the perfect way to celebrate the Year of Mercy, as in it’s simplest terms it is all about thinking a little more carefully about others. For the Year of Mercy, the Diocese commissioned a Sacred Heart Statue to be made that could then travel around all the schools in the area. We have had the statue during our Act of Kindness week which seemed incredibly fitting. The Chaplains visited Year 8 and 9 RE classes with the statue and did a presentation on what it meant and why it is so important to take part in the Year of Mercy. The Gaplains also went around the Year 7 tutor groups and talked to them about the Lampadusa Cross - a CAFOD campaign encouraging students to write messages of hope to the refugees. By talking and focusing on the refugee crisis, we are living out what Pope Francis wanted in this Year of Mercy. We also had a pupil led Mercy Team in school which consisted of Re-Generation members who led prayer in the 04 spaces and spoke in assemblies about what it means to have the statue in our school. They even designed their own T-Shirts! Thank you to everyone who took part in Acts of Kindness week and got involved with all the activities we had to celebrate having the Sacred Heart Statue here in the Academy for the year of Mercy.