MARIO - Maps & Related Information Online - is an interactive map which allows you to go to anywhere in Lancashire and view information held by the Council. Searches are available that allow you to move around the county by finding addresses, roads, towns and villages. By typing a postcode in the Address Search for example, it is possible to view all the addresses which have this postcode and go to each address on the map.

Tools have also been provided which allow you to go zoom in and move around on the map in any direction.

Once you have found the location or area you are interested in, you can find out more by overlaying different types of map data to the screen.


These map layers store information which is displayed when you click on an item within the layer.

For example, by switching on the 'Schools' layer and clicking on a school, information about the school will be displayed.

Other map backgrounds such as Aerial Photographs have been included with MARIO, to enhance your view of an area.


The map layers have also been split into categories:


Clicking one of these buttons in the main MARIO Viewer will list the maps available.

These maps are ready symbolised for you and it possible to display the meaning of these symbols.Links to related websites have been provided with each Map Category to help you get further information about the map data.

There is also a Data Information link with each of the Map Categories:


This gives a brief description of each map layer and how to get more information about it.

In the future, more data will be added to MARIO. There are also plans for you to be able to contact us through this website to report things such as street light faults and overgrown footpaths.

In the meantime, we hope that you will find this site useful and look forward to expanding this service further.