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"St. Mary's is an outstanding Catholic Academy. Directors and leaders are totally committed to the Church's mission of high quality education for all" Diocese Inspection, 2017

"The quality of the pastoral care is outstanding with all pupils and staff expressing the caring community that exists in all aspects of the life of the academy. ” Diocese Inspection 2017

“Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development was outstanding.” Ofsted 2017

The quality of learning for pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is of a high standard" Ofsted 2017

“A creative approach to planning the curriculum has raised expectations, particularly at secondary level, of what pupils can achieve.” Ofsted 2017

Pupils make good progress from their starting points to achieve good outcomes which have improved over the last three years.” Ofsted 2017


New PE Kit Consultation

Dear Parents,

The PE department would like to consult you on a potential new PE kit for September 2018. The current PE kit (red polo shirt, blue shorts, and blue football socks) has been in circulation now for well over 10 years. The PE department believe that it is outdated and doesn’t serve the purpose it was intended to some years ago.

As it currently stands the PE department do not offer any provision for warm winter clothing. As a result pupils are wearing coats, hoodies, jackets, leggings (all that vary in style and colour) etc. to stay warm when their lessons are outside. This in turn makes the delivery of practical PE more difficult.

The PE department have recently contacted local businesses to tender for the provision of new PE kit. After discussion with a focus group of pupils and staff we have narrowed down the options to two different kits. Both kits are made from durable material that is specifically designed for taking part in sport and exercise.

The school are looking at a phasing in the new kit. It would be compulsory for all of the new year 7 intake but optional for years 8-11 – that is to say that pupils may stay with the old red polo / blue shorts until a time comes that they need to replace their kit. If pupils wish to wear leggings / tracksuit pants / mid layer this must be the SMCA new PE kit. Pupils can of course decide that they wish to wear the new PE kit and purchase that.

Please see below the list of optional (O) and essential (E) items of PE kit for both girls and boys:


Polo Shirt (E)
Shorts (E)
Tracksuit Pants (O)
Mid Layer (E) - This would replace the old rugby top
Socks (E)

Polo Shirt (E)
Leggins / Shorts / Skort (one item must be bought, multiples optional)
Mid Layer (E)
Socks (E)


It is very important to St. Mary’s that parents get value for money. We believe that both of the new kit options reflect this sentiment. Please see below a breakdown of prices – items in red essential items, items in black optional (all prices reflective of pupils aged 11-12)

The current prices of SMCA PE kit are as follows (this is the kit that pupils are currently wearing):

Red Polo (embroidered with school badge) ranging from £8.99 to £13.99
Socks - £6.99
Shorts (embroidered with "St. Mary’s" as text) - £8.99 / £7.99
Rugby shirt - £21.99

New PE kit - Option 1 – Falcon kit:

Polo (embroidered with school badge) - £12.99
Socks - £3.99
Shorts - £7.99
Mid Layer (embroidered with school badge)   - £17.99
Leggings - £11.99
Tracksuit pants - £14.99
Skort - £14.99

New PE kit - Option 2 – Aptus kit:

Polo (embroidered with school badge) - £14.99
Socks - £3.99
Shorts - £9.99
Mid Layer (embroidered with school badge) - £19.99
Leggings - £13.99
Tracksuit pants - £19.99
Skort - £15.99

Finally we would like to gauge students and parents opinions on the introduction of a new PE kit for St. Mary’s pupils.

Students please fill in the Google Form here to provide the department with feedback.

Parents please fill in the Google Form here to provide the department with feedback.

There will also be an opportunity to meet me to ask any questions and look at both kits on Thursday 26th April at 8.20 am and again at 4.30pm - 5.30pm the same day. If you would like to take this opportunity please report to reception at the allotted time and ask for either myself or Mrs Horne.    

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Mr. Reidy
Head of PE 

New Bus Routes

New Bus Routes

I am pleased to announce that Blackpool Coach Hire have offered to take over the running of the SM1 route. It has better numbers using it and they have agreed to adapt the route slightly to cover more potential student pick – ups. The route will operate at the same price and tickets will be available on the bus. The new company will operate this route starting in the Easter 2018 term....

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Blackpool Research School

Blackpool Research School

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