St. Mary's

At St Mary’s all pupils are set home learning tasks each day. Home learning tasks provide you with an opportunity to consolidate, review, and retrieve what you have learnt in school.

Home Learning Expectations
  • You should record all home learning tasks in your planner.
  • Your teachers will also record home learning tasks in Google Classroom.
  • You should access and engage with Google Classroom every day.
  • Home learning tasks will require you to self-quiz, access online platforms, and complete other tasks set by your teachers.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to upload evidence of your home learning to Google Classroom and sometimes you will need to take a physical copy of your home learning to lesson with you. Check carefully what the teacher has requested.
  • You may wish to complete home learning in your home learning book.
  • Sometimes, your teacher might make suggestions about how you can improve your home learning. You should read and act on all the feedback you are given.
  • Your teachers will monitor your engagement with home learning and award points for completion of outstanding home learning.
  • If your teacher or form tutor is concerned about your engagement with home learning you will be placed on Home Learning Report and your parent/guardian will be contacted.