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Core Maths

Is this course for me?

Core maths is a one-year Level 3 qualification, studied in addition to the three A-Level subjects. This extra qualification is taken in Year 12 and is suitable for students not already studying A-Level Mathematics. The course helps to build skills in mathematical thinking, reasoning and communication, with cross-curricular applications.

Core maths provides a sound basis for mathematical demands that students will face at university and within employment across a broad range of academic, professional and technical fields.

Entry into this course requires a minimum grade 4 at GCSE.

Areas of Study

100% examination. Core maths is examined at the end of Year 12.

Core Maths is a Level 3 Certificate that will prepare you for the varied contexts you are likely to encounter in vocational and academic study and in future employment and life, for example, financial modelling and analysis of data trends.

Core Maths consists of:-

  • Analysis of Data – Data, Analysis of data, Collecting and sampling data, Representing data numerically, Representing data diagrammatically.
  • Maths for personal finance – Numerical calculations, Percentages, Interest rates, Repayments and the cost of credit, Graphical representation, Taxation, Solution to financial problems.
  • Estimation – The modelling cycle, Fermi estimation.
  • Critical Analysis – Presenting logical and reasoned arguments in context, Communication mathematical approaches and solutions, Analysing critically.
  • The normal distribution – Properties of the normal distribution, Notation, Calculating probabilities.
  • Probabilities and estimation – Population and sample, The mean of sample size n, Confidence intervals.
  • Correlation and Regression – Correlation, The product moment correlation coefficient, Regression lines, Calculations.

Future Opportunities

Core maths is valuable to students progressing to higher education. The qualification is worth the same UCAS points as an AS Level, so success could really benefit your application to university. As the level of maths is more advanced than GCSE Maths, employers and University Admissions will look favourably on an application that has a Level 3 Maths qualification. While Core Maths is likely to be particularly valuable for students progressing to higher education courses with a distinct statistical or scientific element, this qualification will also be valuable for any student aiming for a career in a professional, creative or technical fields.