St. Mary's

Core Four Revision Techniques

As you gear up for your exams, we’re here to equip you with powerful tools to conquer your revision journey. Dive into the ‘Core Four’ techniques—Flashcards, Self-Quizzing, Mind Mapping, and Brain Dumps—to unlock your full potential. Delve deeper into these strategies with insightful videos hosted by Simon Cox, the head of Blackpool Research School here at St. Mary’s, providing invaluable guidance on maximizing your revision efforts. Get ready to revolutionise your study routine and ace those exams with confidence!

Developing Effective Study Habits Video Series

Session 1: Why Effective Study Matters
Session 2: The 'Core Four' - Flashcards
Session 3: The 'Core Four' - Self Quizzing
Session 4: The 'Core Four' - Mind Maps
Session 5: The 'Core Four' - Brain Dump